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Column: Allen Stone

Last year, I was handed a ticket to the Allen Stone concert so that I could review a virtually unknown artist performing in Downtown Davis.

This year, I attended the first of two sold-out Allen Stone concerts at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
Even though I’ve seen this man perform twice, both times rank as the best concerts I’ve ever experienced. I will go as far as to say that I truly believe Jesus himself manifests in Allen Stone’s vocal chords.
The friend I went with last year joined me again this year, and we’re determined to go to every concert this man puts on within a 100-mile radius. I’ve finally found that one performer that I will pay any amount to experience for the rest of my life.
Standing there with a big, fat smile on my face as my man performed in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but feel proud. In less than a year, this performer has gone from 50-person crowds to sold-out music halls in San Francisco.

He’s been invited to perform on numerous famous late-night shows, and he’s been compared to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye by The New York Times. I would even say he’s as amazing of a performer as Beyoncé. And he doesn’t even dance.

He’s considered a soul musician, but I don’t doubt that he could outsing any famous artist on the charts. He’s able to hit notes that I don’t think even Mariah Carey can belt. He can freaking sing Happy Birthday — ask yourself: who actually CAN?

With only two self-released albums, it’s actually ridiculous how many hit songs he has. They may not be on the charts (yet), but every single person in the audience was singing along to the painfully true emotions and genius opinions he intertwines with his melodies.

One of the top comments on an Allen Stone video on YouTube is: “He looks goofy but then that voice comes out and I’m like … shitting rainbows.”

Yes, Allen prefers to keep his blonde hair in long natural curls, and yes, he dresses like an original hipster with big grandpa glasses. But it only takes two seconds to forget that he didn’t pay a stylist or hairdresser or makeup artist to make him look conventionally pretty.

Taylor Swift just released yet another full album of songs about relationships and boys, so I have to say that it is impressive and noteworthy that this man can produce beautifully powerful music that barely mention love. In fact, one of his songs is titled “Another Breakup Song,” with lyrics that state that “the world doesn’t need another breakup song.”

Throughout the concert, my friend and I kept seeing older couples dancing together, raising their hands up as if they were in a gospel church. I too looked a little silly, with my jaw dropped for a full four hours (even the freaking openers were mind-blowingly talented), but I’m positive that I wasn’t the only one freaking out.

If I could, I would dedicate my entire year of columns to Allen Stone, but I’m pretty sure my audience as well as my editors would not appreciate reading about my obsession on a weekly basis. But trust me when I say that once you listen to Allen, you won’t be able to fully respect any other music ever again.

ELIZABETH ORPINA wants you to challenge her on the topic of Best Singer Ever. All she’ll have to do is play one Allen Stone: Live video and she’ll win. Share your love for this man with her at arts@theaggie.org.


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