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Friday, May 24, 2024

Editorial: Do us proud, Davis

This year, college students are in for a treat: six days of Halloween, college style. With the traditional event occurring in the middle of the week, all of a sudden the party schedule is thrown off.

Do we celebrate it the weekend before? Trick-or-treat at Linda Katehi’s house on Wednesday? Dress up in November? Not only is this stressful, but these additional party nights will serve as some of the most critically judged nights of our Halloween costume careers.

Every single year of dressing up has lead to this specific year. Perhaps we’ve been given one last chance (you know, since the world is ending this December) to prove ourselves.

Maybe all of the events that have happened in the past 12 months occurred so that we could have a costume hot enough to finally get into a frat party before it gets shut down by the police.

Think about it. The costume options are endless. And we’re not talking about yet another version of the candy corn outfit or a bumble bee … think bigger.

No, dressing up as a “cop” with heels and handcuffs is not clever. Dressing up as a specific cop, though? Pepper spray canister and SWAT team outfit? Hot.

Did you join in on the K-Pop bandwagon with PSY’s music video “Gangnam Style”? Don’t lie to yourself. You did. And now you too can wear a gold tracksuit and carry around a little Asian boy. Wow, perhaps you can actually get away with trick-or-treating with this costume.

How ‘bout them Giants? This costume might be perfect for the second weekend of Halloween, as No Shave November will have begun. You can scream “fear the beard!” and not only be in character but also scare (in true Halloween fashion) those who hate facial hair.

You HAVE to wear as little clothing as possible to guarantee your admission to Frat Row, you say? Fine. Binders full of women. Do with this costume idea as you please.

This is our chance to shine, UC Davis. If we see any “sexy” cats or banana costumes, we have no problem yelling “freshmen!” out of our car windows as we creep along Russell Boulevard on our way to the real parties.


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