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Editorial: Welcome to the basement

Last Friday, the Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee announced that Entertainment Council (EC) would be moving to the basement of Lower Freeborn. Creative Media will be taking over EC’s current office.

The editorial board would like to formally welcome our new neighbors. Welcome to the dungeon. We’ve got fun and games.

While we already have two neighboring ASUCD media units — KDVS and AggieTV — we are excited to welcome a new member to our exclusive club.

We know the idea of moving to the basement is scary. It’s dark. Isolated. Lonely.

BUT. There are pros to working (living) in the basement.

You will never get skin cancer. There is no sunlight in the basement, and while you may start to look like a vampire, skin damage is nearly impossible.

Another pro: free concerts. You know how bands do sound checks before they go on stage? Guess what this basement is located under. That’s right. Freeborn Hall. Where big name artists like Snoop Dogg, CAKE and Steve Aoki have performed. And we get to hear them through the floor fo’ free!

Aside from the free concerts, the basement is full of awesome units. Need some new jams? Hit up KDVS. Want a great place to volunteer and help out fellow students? Head over to The Pantry. Want to see what it’s like behind the scenes of a viral YouTube video? Aggie TV is just down the hall. Need to compost? Project Compost is just around the corner. And The Aggie office has a foosball table.

In all seriousness, we hope that EC’s move will bring more students to our lovely basement. We can’t wait to make new friends!

So, EC, come say hi. We promise we don’t bite.


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