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Campus Judicial Report

Third time’s the charm
A second-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for submitting multiple papers that were not his own in a lower division class. This was his third offense. When he met with a judicial officer, the student admitted that he had submitted papers that were actually the work of other students in the class. As a result of this violation, he accepted a one-quarter suspension, Deferred Separation status for the duration of his time at UC Davis, 50 hours of community service and two workshops with the Student Academic Success Center (SASC). Deferred Separation is the agreement to give up your right to a formal hearing if you violate the Code of Academic Conduct again.

Anything for love
A first-year student was referred to SJA for allegedly letting his girlfriend cheat off his quiz in a physics class. In a meeting with a judicial officer, the student denied that he had
allowed his girlfriend to copy from him during the quiz. However, he and his girlfriend
had previously been referred for collaborating on a quiz, and as a result of that incident
he had signed a disciplinary contract agreeing not to sit by his girlfriend during quizzes or tests and to sit in the front row. Therefore, although he denied that he had collaborated with his girlfriend on the physics quiz, he was in violation of the terms of his previous disciplinary agreement. He agreed to be placed on Deferred Separation status until graduation and to do community service and receive counseling at CAPS for stress management.  He was also required to complete a reflection paper.

Caught by the web
A third-year student was referred to SJA for plagiarism on a take-home exam. Specifically, the student plagiarized his answers from a previous quarter’s exam that was posted online. In a meeting with a judicial officer, he admitted to the violation. He agreed to Deferred Separation status and 10 hours of community service as his sanctions.


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