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Communication tastes good

In an effort to foster communication between students and the UC Davis administration, the 2012-13 Student Assistants to the Chancellor (SAC) have been inviting undergraduates to attend a breakfast series in the dining commons.

We are happy to see the administration make an effort to meet with students on a regular basis.

This roundtable discussion, titled “Meals with Mrak,” enables students to sit down with Mrak Hall Administrators in an informal, comfortable environment. The first two breakfasts featured Adela de la Torre, the interim vice chancellor of Student Affairs, and Rich Shintaku, the interim assistant vice chancellor of Student Affairs. At a breakfast yesterday, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi also joined the students. The last two of the quarter are scheduled for Nov. 19 and Dec. 3. They will feature de la Torre, in addition to Ralph Hexter, the provost and executive vice chancellor.
It is the goal of the SAC to better understand the student community so that they can represent students and provide for their needs, creating a “safe, inclusive environment” for everyone. Meals with Mrak is just one of the multiple programs they have founded to bring the administration closer to students.

It’s great that students now have the chance to voice their opinions and concerns to administrators, all while remaining on familiar terrain. Since offices are intimidating, they often prevent such interactions from taking place. We hope to see these programs expand and we hope the chancellor continues to come.

The breakfasts take place from 8 to 9:30 a.m., and they are free for the selected individuals. The SAC would like to keep groups small so that all participants have the opportunity to speak, which means that not all applicants can be accommodated.  However, students are encouraged to apply via ucdsac.wufoo.com/forms/fall-2012-meals-with-mrak.


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