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Roving Reporter

“I’m pretty stoked. I remember people [saying] it was just a close call. I was getting texts from my family members going, ‘who do you think is going to win?’ A lot of people I knew were voting for Obama. [And] I’m super jazzed [about Prop 30]. I do not want to have the tuition hike. I’ve got two more years.”

Danielle Torres, second-year geology major

“I’m happy with [the results], as long as Obama won and 30 passed. [Romney supporters] weren’t very happy at all, but I’m glad they’re not. I’d rather them not be happy than us not be happy.”
Yecenia Rubalcava, third-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I kind of saw that it was going to happen. I kind of saw that coming. I at least had more hope in our nation than to vote for Romney. I mean it’s not like I like either one, but one’s less worse than the other. I was happy with the results.”
Antony Fangary, third-year political science major

“I was kind of expecting President Obama to win, so I wasn’t very surprised. I [also] know a lot of people on campus were hoping [Prop 30] would pass. If it means a tuition decrease or at least tuition not changing, then it seems like a good thing.”
Bryan Nguyen, second-year evolution ecology biodiversity major

“I was happy about it. I was happy about [Prop 30] too. I was happy that Obama won.”
Lisette Reyes, first-year microbiology major

“I was extremely pleased with the results. Romney was just flip-flopping. He was not true to the Republican Party, why he chose to run on the Republican ticket. It was just not conceivable why he did that in the first place.”
Rachael Richards, third-year communication major

“I was happy, because Obama won and I was hoping for him to win. When I went to bed last night, [Prop 30] was not passing. I woke up this morning, and I saw that it won, and I was happy about that.”
Dominic Lamarche, fifth-year civil engineering major

“I was really happy. At one point, Romney was in the lead, so I was really worried. Some people were like, ‘I’m going to go to Canada or Mexico.’ But I was hoping Obama would win, and I had a feeling he would just because some of Romney’s beliefs were a little bit extreme. I don’t think we’re ready to adopt, so I guess when [Obama] won, I was just kind of like ‘oh.’ I wasn’t as excited as some people were, making videos on Facebook screaming and happy.”
Diane Bai, third-year economics major

“I wasn’t surprised. The polls said it was head to head, [but] as soon as the actual counts started and the precincts were reporting, as they moved to the West coast, we could already tell. California is a huge producer of democratic electoral votes. I wasn’t surprised by the results.”
George Silverio, fourth-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I’m happy that Obama won, [but] I’m not sure how much we’ll actually get done in four years. From what I’ve seen, Obama proposes a lot of things that don’t actually necessarily come through. And I think between Obama and Romney, Obama is definitely the one who’s going to actually take on issues that are important to me as a citizen.”
Caity Tremblay, second-year comparative literature major

“I wasn’t that surprised. I kind of figured. I’d be more surprised if Romney had won. [Prop 30] was kind of touch and go for a while, because we didn’t know if it was going to get passed, but I think that California made a really good decision, and it’s cool that we helped in it.”
Marisa Gee, first-year human development major

“I was happy about it. I thought whomever won was supposed to win. I was [also] happy about [Prop 30] because I do not want to pay more for tuition. I already pay enough as it is.”
Breanna Martins, first-year biomedical engineering major


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