60 F

Davis, California

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Editorial: Keep it coming

Next time you’re rushing to class, take a deep breath and observe the colors around you. Davis is just as alive as we are — plants are growing, buildings are under construction and artwork seems to spontaneously materialize in unexpected corners.

There are trees wearing sweaters near Cruess Hall, bike racks sporting lovely knits near the Social Sciences and Humanities building as well as various murals interspersed around campus and downtown.
The 35 new works of art in Downtown Davis were created by the Davis Mural Team in partnership with the John Natsoulas Gallery in an attempt to make Davis an art destination. Most pieces are on private businesses, but there are two on public property. One of these is in the Richards Boulevard bike tunnel, and it contains the combined ideas of all artists involved.
Though Davis is quite vibrant — especially in the fall — the addition of murals does a lot to brighten gloomy days and sketchy alleys.

The artwork tends to be a bit bizarre, surreal and disjointed in the we’re-not-exactly-sure-what’s-happening-but-it’s-awesome kind of way. It challenges the norms that life throws in our path and forces us to exercise our imagination. Perusing pieces is a great way to relieve stress and invoke your own creative energy.

Davis itself is a vast museum. Its gardens, fountains, sculptures, paintings and strange bike apparatuses say a lot about its history and culture.

So, if you often find yourself obliviously jogging across campus just a few seconds before class begins, we highly recommend you set your alarm clock back a few minutes. Take the time to truly appreciate our city — and those who made it look so gorgeous.


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