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Senate Briefs

ASUCD Senate meetings are scheduled to begin Thursdays at 6:10 p.m. Times listed are according to the clock at the Nov. 8 meeting location, the Memorial Union’s Mee Room. The ASUCD president is not required to attend senate meetings.

Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.

Rebecca Sterling, ASUCD president, present, left early

Yena Bae, ASUCD vice president, present
Kabir Kapur, ASUCD senator, present
Jared Crisologo-Smith, ASUCD senator, present
Bradley Bottoms, ASUCD senator, present
Justin Goss, ASUCD senator, pro tempore, present
Anni Kimball, ASUCD senator, present
Paul Min, ASUCD senator, present
Don Gilbert, ASUCD senator, present
Joyce Han, ASUCD senator, present
Erica Padgett, ASUCD senator, present
Beatriz Anguiano, ASUCD senator, present
Patrick Sheehan, ASUCD senator, present

Appointments and confirmations

Molly Heber, Vivian Heh, Mariah Hoskins, Gabrielle Rosado, Kevin Sun and Gary Tam were confirmed as members of Aggie Public Arts Committee.

Cherise Polines and Gheed Saeed were confirmed as members of Outreach Assembly.

Abhishek Khurana and Ben Trinh were confirmed as committee members of the Entrepreneurship Fund.

Brett Leutho was confirmed as the director of Whole Earth Festival.

Elaine Swiedler was confirmed as a member of the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission.

Unit director reports

Anthony Palmere, general manager of Unitrans, discussed the current projects and developments of the bus system, including an addition to the B line route, which is popular among students. Information and notice of the B line addition will be available on the Unitrans website, the official Unitrans Facebook and buses as well.

Consideration of old legislation

Senate Bill 19, authored by the Internal Affairs Commission, to amend the legislative process for commission introductory procedures was vetoed by Sterling. Cano argued that one of the primary reasons for this bill was to rewrite legislation that was already in use. Bottoms argued that the legislation would go against the ASUCD Constitution. The override of the veto failed in a 2-7-2 vote.

Senate Bill 20, authored by Lauren Cockrell, allocates $3,100 from Capital Reserves to the Experimental College Community Garden for landscaping, fencing and installing pest management.

Padget was concerned that the legislation should not be passed without specific fiscal quotes. Crisologo-Smith said that because all of the Business and Finance commissioners had seen the quotes, he would consider the numbers accurate and verified. The bill passed 9-2-0.

Senate Resolution 2, authored by Sheehan, demands greater student influence and transparency in decisions concerning UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA). Gilbert agreed that the ICA should be seeking cooperation with ASUCD, but also argued that it would be beneficial to table the legislation to allow time for the relationship between the new ICA director and ASUCD to develop first. The resolution was tabled.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

Open positions within ASUCD can be found at vacancy.ucdavis.edu.

JOANNA JAROSZEWSKA compiles the Senate Briefs. She can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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