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Pepper spray lawsuit awaits finalization

Nearly one year after the pepper spray incident at UC Davis, those directly affected are now awaiting their settlement payments. The students who were pepper sprayed and arrested filed a lawsuit at the beginning of this year and on Sept. 27 a preliminary agreement was made.

“The plaintiffs who filed suit and who were pepper sprayed would be eligible for compensation under the settlement, if it is approved by the court on Jan. 9,” said Michael T. Risher, one of the attorneys who handled the case.

He also added that students who were not originally a part of the lawsuit could have submitted a claim by Nov. 13 if they felt they were also threatened last November.

Aside from the compensation of the students involved, part of the settlement maintains that Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi will issue a personal written apology to each party affected.

“Since the proposed civil settlement is still under review by the Court, we aren’t able to comment on details,” said UC Davis Spokesperson Barry Shiller. “I can say, though, that the university has worked very hard over the past year to demonstrate its resolve to restore trust, institute real reforms and be a national model for tolerance.”

The other law offices involved could not be reached for comment.

While the finalization of the case has yet to be determined, some of the plaintiffs already know how they will use their compensation.

Ian Lee, a second-year environmental policy and planning major who is expected to receive his distribution of the settlement, says that all of the money will be going toward his college expenses.

“When I do receive the settlement, the University of California is going to take it all back as tuition/fees,” Lee said in an email.

— Sasha Cotterell and Jessica Grillis


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