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Friday, May 17, 2024

Editorial: Pedaling forward

The City of Davis and UC Davis’ Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) plan to implement a bike share program in 2014.

Although the program would be aimed at commuters and those who are temporarily visiting Davis, the community would also be allowed to rent bicycles from stations around the city. Two stations are proposed to be at the Amtrak station and at the Memorial Union or Silo.

The cost to kickstart the program would be approximately $200,000, with the money coming from contributions through the city, university regional development and corporate sponsorships. However, some opponents contend the money should instead be invested in improving the bicycling infrastructure around the city.

We think it’s a pretty awesome idea, though. Yes, there are already places to rent bikes from, such as the Bike Barn, but the bike share program would incorporate an automated rental system that would allow users to rent at any time. Also, many European cities — like, Paris and Amsterdam — use similar programs.

The city and UC Davis are working in tandem to find potential vendors who would provide the bike sharing technology. The considered vendors offer an automated system that allows users to swipe their credit cards to check out bikes. Once finished, the users can return the bikes to the nearest docking station.

Additionally, it’s not like Davis already has more than enough bikes — we are one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in the world.

Even though the program is still in development, we’re glad the city is shifting gears by looking into a more efficient, modern way that would give people more access to bikes and indirectly encourage cycling.

We’re wheelie pumped for this to happen.


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