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News in Brief: Davis, Woodland agree on cost-sharing for surface water project

On Nov. 21, Davis and Woodland came to an agreement on the cost-sharing of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency project.

According to the Davis Enterprise, both cities agreed to split construction-related, non-consumption costs 50-50. All consumption-based costs will be split 60-40 between Woodland and Davis, respectively.

The agreement reduced the cost for Davis by $10 million. It’s now estimated to cost Davis $103 million.

The new contract is required to be agreed upon by the city councils of both Woodland and Davis.

On Nov. 27, the Davis City Council agreed to have a March 5 public vote that will determine the water project’s future.

The project will be paid for by raising the rates charged to water bills. Woodland citizens have approved the rates, while Davis citizens have yet to approve a rate. Proposition 218, outlining the proposed rate, will be considered in January.

The surface water project will pump water from the Sacramento River, after which the water will be treated and then sent to Woodland and Davis to replace their use of groundwater.

— Claire Tan


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