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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Editorial: Greek life

On Nov. 4, Mason Sumnicht celebrated his 21st birthday with the Sigma Pi brothers of CSU Chico. After attempting 21 shots, Sumnicht died of alcohol poisoning.

10 days later, CSU Chico suspended their entire Greek life system from all recruitment and social activities until Spring semester. UC Davis and other universities have begun to reevaluate safety management for their respective Greek systems.

Although we recognize that our campus holds no notoriety as a “party school,” we still extend a word of caution to the Greek system of UC Davis.

With the recent suspension of Sigma Alpha Epsilon due to repeated alcohol violations this year, the administration has already demonstrated its willingness to punish for the sake of safety. It comes as no stretch of the imagination to see our entire Greek system suffer a similar fate if more chapters behave irresponsibly.

We should uphold our history as a safe and responsible student body. With rush events to commence next quarter, fraternities and sororities should keep safety in mind.


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