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Editorial: Senate

At Thursday night’s ASUCD Senate meeting, it was announced that all senators-elect would be seated.

The meeting room was overflowing with attendees, many of whom were supporters of Alyson Sagala, the only candidate who was denied her seat at the start of the day by the Elections Committee. The committee originally ruled in favor of an observation reported involving Sagala, alleging illegal campaigning within 100 feet of a polling location. However, they ultimately ruled that the complaints were invalid because they were filed against the slate, not the individual candidate.

Other complaints filed seemed more politically motivated. This included a complaint against the SMART slate for failing to list the purchase of alcohol for a party on an expenditure report, a complaint against NOW for inappropriate location of fliers and a complaint against the SMART slate by a NOW candidate, alleging being called a racist by SMART supporters.

Fortunately, all of these complaints have been resolved and the table can get on with their jobs and we can stop feeling like sleazy tabloid reporters.

What is a bit disheartening is that the term did not even begin yet when these trivial complaints were filed. It is much too early to get caught up in the drama that often plagues the Association every year. As elected officials, senators should try to push past the finger-pointing and hair-pulling and work on those platforms that had them elected.

On Thursday six senators also gave their farewells. Not surprisingly, senators-elect were advised more than once to a draw clear line between personal lives and the Senate floor. It’s golden advice, as this often happens within the Association and prevents real things from getting done.

New senators, take the advice of your predecessors. We’re glad we’ve moved passed these issues and look forward to seeing what you have in store for our campus.


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