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Thursday, May 23, 2024

CD Review: Captain Murphy

Artist: Captain Murphy
Album: Duality
Rating: 3/5

If you like your hip-hop with a good dose of sci-fi and downtempo breaks wrapped in a crackled and smoky cocoon of unmastered mix-tape sound quality, then you’re invited to take a trip through Duality. The style is reminiscent of other sonic explorers in the genre, such as Kool Keith on his spacey 1996 outing as Dr. Octagon, or MF Doom with his penchant for old B-Movie sound-bytes.

The technical rawness of Captain Murphy’s first mixtape is bolstered by the multifaceted production skills of Flying Lotus and Madlib, among others. Warped interludes featuring samples from The Dark Knight to recruitment tapes for cults mix well with the chopped lo-fi melodies and slightly deeper pitch-shifted vocals.

Speaking of our MC, the internet has been buzzing a bit lately about who is actually on the mic, and who is behind the project. Most sources have agreed to speculate that the artists are none other than Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt from OFWGKTA teaming up with Flying Lotus. In any case, the captain has our attention.

Give these tracks a listen: “Shake Weight,” “The Ritual”
For Fans of: MF Doom, Flying Lotus, Dr. Octag

— Andrew Russell


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