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Column: Holiday musicals

Everyone is a fan of the flash mob. No matter how many times we’ve seen one online, for some reason our fingers click the button to see the next performance. And once flash mob performances at weddings became a thing, it was like everything great wrapped into one entertaining show.

Today I came across a Les Mis wedding flash mob video in which many wedding party members rose throughout their rendition of “One Day More” at the reception. Each and every performer was a personal friend of the bride or groom, and each had a voice to brag about.

At the end of the song, everyone burst out into cheers and rose to embrace the performers and couple of the evening. Music, especially when personalized, can shake one to the core. And I’ve never experienced anything less when rising from my seat every time I’m given the chance to see a show.

This couple admired musical theatre, which is perhaps the reason why they had so many talented friends who were able to pull off such a beautiful piece of work. One can only wish to have a life filled with such talent, love and mutual admiration for classic entertainment.

Speaking of this classic musical, I urge you all to experience it in theaters this winter break. It’s set to occupy theaters starting Christmas Day, so you can already guess where I’ll be spending every dollar of my paychecks in a few weeks.

I’ve already addressed my excitement for this movie in a previous column, but I’m taking the time to reiterate the importance of experiencing this classic performance. It’s totally worth the 12 dollars to watch some of Hollywood’s most talented actors work together to pull off a challenging show instead of forking over hundreds to see it in person.

I’m so blessed to have a mother who embraces musical theatre as much as I do and who is a season subscriber to San Francisco Broadway shows. This evening, I’m actually traveling back home to the Bay so that I can attend my first The Lion King musical performance.

I’ve already learned about and researched the puppetry in this show in a drama class I took last year, and I was even fortunate enough to see War Horse this year, another show that won awards for the astounding puppetry created and utilized to tell a story.

And what I’m looking forward to the most is traveling to San Francisco in a couple of weeks with one of my best friends from my high school musical and my mother to see Tony Award Winner for Best Musical Book of Mormon. Book of freaking Mormon, people. Yes, I have tickets. No, they aren’t in the nosebleed section.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to orient yourself with this smart and fascinatingly hilarious musical. The main character from “The New Normal” on television starred in the original Broadway cast of Book of Mormon. And he’s awesome.

At least watch “I Believe” on YouTube. You’re guaranteed to be questioning how Broadway let them get away with the jokes they use in this show.

I could go on and on about how much everyone needs to experience at least one Broadway show in their life, but I’m taking the time now to urge you to get started soon — because an obsession will begin, and you’ll thank me later for getting you hooked so early on in the season.

This holiday season, I hope you are surrounded by people you love and who love you and those who amaze you with their talent. I hope you’re dazzled by the lights on the streets, the warmth of home or the stiffness of a Broadway or movie theatre seat.

ELIZABETH ORPINA will most likely be sobbing later this evening as she reacquaints herself with a childhood story set to beautiful music. Email her at arts@theaggie.org.


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