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Improv comedy comes to Davis

Improv comedy group Birdstrike Theatre is holding their end-of-quarter show at Kleiber Hall on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

According to Clint Gibler, a graduate student in computer science and a member of Birdstrike Theatre, the show will feature improvised comedy as well as pre-written sketches recorded on video.

“Our improvisation is long-form, which is more based on characters and scenes than the short-form improv you see on Whose Line Is It Anyway?” said Gareth Nicholas, Jr., another member and a fourth-year political science and history double major.

“I think half of our humor stems from the fact that we have no idea what we’re doing, and every now and then it fails really hard. There’s a lot of comedy that comes from five people wriggling their way out of awkward situations,” said Jamie Pierce, a member and a third-year English major.

Gibler commented on the improvisation and creativity the show demands.

“We like to be creative with our bodies and the space,” Gibler said. “Since you don’t have props or costumes, you need to make people believe that there is whatever it is without having the materials there. We like to test the bounds of what you can portray with just human bodies on stage.”

According to their members, a key aspect to Birdstrike Theatre is the group’s diversity.

“Our members are all across the board,” Gibler said. “We have probably seven to 10 different majors within our group.”

Charlie Norton, a third-year evolution and ecology major, joked about the diversity of talents that make up the performing group.

“With our differing expertises, we could probably survive the apocalypse,” Norton said. “We’re like the Beatles. But we do stupid things in front of a room instead of playing music,” Norton said.

To learn more about Birdstrike Theatre and to see some of their video sketches, visit birdstriketheatre.com. Tickets for the show are $3.

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