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I like to put in earphones but not listen to anything. I like the solidarity. I just like having something in my ear.
Phuong Le, third-year neurology, physiology and behavior major

For me, I like writing things out to help me memorize stuff.
Hafsah Dean, second-year cell biology major

I like to start early so that during finals I’m not cramming. I also like to sleep early.
Dana Atkins, fourth-year human development major

Eating stuff [like junk food] to keep me awake.
Lina Medina, fifth-year sociology major

Hmm, I like to be very spread out. The bigger the table the better and the less people the better. Also, I like to work with hot drinks, [such as] hot chocolate. I get a chai latte from Starbucks, extra hot, no water and no cold milk, seven pumps chai … it helps me study. I like to study early … I will get up at 5:30 or 6 a.m. and go to Starbucks and then go to bed at, like, midnight.”
Jack Norman, third-year statistics major

Sometimes I like to study in my garage, with the garage door open, to get some fresh air.
Max Russer, third-year international relations major

I don’t sleep until it’s all done. I like snacking, coffee, cuddling up with my blanket. I like studying by myself.
Jenna Carter, first-year psychology major

I like to take a lot of walks. If I’m feeling really stressed out, I need to take time to go on a walk or talk with friends or call my parents from home. After a while, I won’t sleep until I’m done, but I do need to take certain breaks, like maybe an hour.
Vivian Truong, third-year nutrition science major

I always ask a teacher to give me my test on white paper because I always study on white paper. And I always use the same pencil all the time so that I don’t mess up. I always fold my study guides in half.
Matthew Whittaker, fourth-year neurology, physiology and behavior major

Online shopping. And I always have a water, coffee and Red Bull right next to me [while studying].
Christie Tu, fourth-year neurology, physiology and behavior major

I like to play guitar. Whenever I study for an hour, I’ll give myself 20 or 30 minutes to play guitar and relax.
Derek Holden, third-year exercise biology major

I spend my time in the 24-hour room, nothing too crazy. It’s nice and quiet and spacious and there’s good light over there. That’s what gets me through finals.
Jason Wertheimer, first-year post-bacc pre-med (graduated in exercise biology)

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