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Editorial: Good riddance

Amid outcry from students and alumni, UC officials announced Dec. 14 that they would be suspending the new design for the UC logo.

The new logo was a childish attempt at rebranding a university whose problems go beyond its aesthetic identity. The students seemed to agree, as it led to an explosion of memes. It was depicted as a flushing toilet, a buffering symbol and a part of a pepper spray scene.

Even UC Regent and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom came out against the new design. Multiple Facebook pages calling for the removal of the logo were created and over 54,000 people signed a petition against the redesign on change.org.

It is impressive that students could come together and be passionate enough about an issue to make an actual change within the UC system.
We should take pride in our University and if we want to see something change, it’s nice to know that we have that ability.
We’re encouraged that UC administrators are listening to students, and they are willing to make changes when they receive feedback.

However, UC should not be focusing on changing logos in the first place, especially when tuition has been on the rise and fewer and fewer students can afford college. The new logo design was unnecessary and a waste of resources.

Students should continue to give feedback to UC regarding every aspect of their education. The suspension of the new logo design shows that students have the power to make a difference.

We hope the student voice is this strong when important issues emerge in the future.


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