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Roving Reporter

“I want to write in my journal every day.”
Deyanire Nava, second-year anthropology major

“To go to the gym every day at 6 a.m.”
Sarah Herrera, fourth-year psychology and english double major

“To actually stick to my time management schedule.”
Janine Johal, fourth-year biological psychology major

“Do better than last quarter.”
Brandon Stewart, third-year applied physics major

“Eat healthier and lose weight.”
Brendan Chan, fourth-year physics major

“I want to give up soda [for] as long as I can.”
Alvin Jong, fourth-year political science major

“My New Year’s resolution as the president of the climbing club is to make sure that we successfully translate what our goals are — that being to promote climbing and provide a community.”
Paul Brower, fourth-year environmental science and management major

“To wake up earlier.”
Alfredo Giminez, second-year grad student computer science major

“To get better grades and do better in school.”
Anna Tran, second-year genetics major

“To attend all my classes and get more fit.”
Jack Sun, fourth-year neurology, physiology, and behavior major

“I’m trying to get as much funding as possible for the ASUCD student scholarship.”
Felicia Ong, second-year political science major

“To be less mean.”
Artem Senchev, third-year managerial economics and applied math double major

“I’m trying to take a Sabbath every week, so pretty much just a day of rest each week.”
Mackenzie Cook, third-year managerial economics major

“I don’t have any, because I feel like no one ever keeps theirs; it’s always a nice idea, but I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure.”
Katie Desantis fourth-year international relations and history double major

“To do better at the little things, like making my bed every morning.”
Ruby Criel, first-year chemistry major

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