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UC Davis ranked nationally for Writing in the Disciplines program

As the University Writing Program (UWP) continues to gain momentum, U.S. News and World Report recently recognized UC Davis as one of the best colleges for Writing in the Disciplines for the fourth consecutive year.

In the past four years, UC Davis has been listed as one of the 23 schools recognized in this category by U.S. News and World Report, alongside Harvard, Princeton, Yale and many other universities and one of 12 public institutions listed.

A U.S. News and World Report introduction of the list stated that the colleges on the list hold the writing process a priority at all instruction levels and across the curriculum.

“Students are encouraged to produce and refine various forms of writing for different audiences in different disciplines,” stated U.S. New and World Report.

This achievement is due in great part to the overarching University Writing Program, which promotes written communication and emphasizes writing within both UC Davis and the larger community. Many students looking to secure a career involving writing flock to lower and upper division UWP courses.

The program doesn’t just cater to eager future writers. UWP offers a wide range of courses that prepare students to write across many disciplines and professions.  UWP designed the Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop Program to support integration of writing in courses across colleges.

“We’re one of the top writing programs in the country in Writing in the Disciplines and professional writing because UWP brings together outstanding professional writers, researchers and teachers in a single academic unit.  We also take our teaching and work with students very seriously,” said Carl Whithaus, director of UWP, in an email interview.

In 2009, UWP introduced a new minor in professional writing. The 20-unit minor includes unique coursework and provides students with the opportunity to participate in a writing or editing internship, according to the UWP website.

According to Whithaus, plans are also in the making for UWP to introduce a professional writing major.

According to the UWP website, UWP continues to promote writing projects and internships throughout the community, not just at a college level, but also for K-12 students. The program offers faculty-training workshops to help teachers provide the best instruction for their courses, and writing tutorials are offered by the Student Academic Success Center to provide support for students.

“ We have helped undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines master the writing skills they need to succeed as academics, professionals, and citizens,” states the UWP website.

A full list of colleges selected by U.S. News & Review can be found online at colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges.

LAUREN MASCARENHAS can be reached at campus@theaggie.org. 


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