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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Roving Reporter

“I wrote about a bad review about my living situation, and [my landlord] wasn’t happy about it. He tried to sue me.”
Victoria Cao, third-year natural sciences major

“I got frostbite when I went skiing.”
Connor Bry, second-year biology major

“Two of my dogs and my brother got attacked by two pit bulls.”
Sara Hutton, second-year environmental toxicology major

“I was sick on Christmas day. I had a horrible stomach flu. I was hugging the toilet from 2 until 8 in the morning.”
Clint Kastrop, second-year managerial economics major

“I was at this obstacle course, and as I was climbing around it, my back and elbows got cut [by the rope].”
Chris Cheng, fourth-year statistics major

“My brother got diarrhea. He got food poisoning. Everyone ate exactly what he ate, but he just kept going to the restroom every five minutes. It was for three days.”
Jasmine Lee, first-year human development major

“Someone came into our apartment. Unfortunately, I left the door unlocked for 20 minutes. Someone must’ve been looking at our door, and they walked in and stole my laptop. They stole my backpack [and] my housemate’s laptop, iPad, keyboard and backpack. We don’t know who did it.”
Tim Honeycutt, alumnus, political science

“I was walking from the pool to the jacuzzi, and I slipped on water and dislocated my elbow. It said to walk on the mats, but there were no mats. I was like, ‘I won’t sue you if you pay my hospital bill, but if you don’t, I will sue.’ So they’re like, ‘We’ll pay.’ I ended up at the ER.”
Nikki Whitman, fourth-year English major

“After visiting my girlfriend, I got back to Sacramento and got a fever on Christmas Eve and Day.”
Lap Nguyen, second-year English major

“I’m Jewish, so I sat home by myself and then went to Denny’s on Christmas Day.”
Jeff Ratti, third-year microbiology major

“You can’t camp on the shore of Lake Berryessa. It’s considered trespassing on federal property. I found that out. At 6 in the morning, these two federal police came and said, ‘You’re trespassing.’ They said they would’ve cited us [had we not] packed up and left so quickly. Lesson learned — don’t camp on the side of Lake Berryessa.”
Naftali Moed, first-year environmental policy and planning major


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