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Campus Judicial Report

We are never ever getting back together
A student who was prohibited by a university official from contacting her ex-boyfriend was recently reported to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) by the police for repeatedly contacting him through numerous forms of communication. During the student’s meetings with SJA, she admitted that she had contacted her ex-boyfriend several times but claimed she didn’t know that online contact was prohibited. During one of the meetings, she stated she would no longer contact her ex-boyfriend in person or by any other means of communication. She agreed to meet with Counseling and Psychological Services and to be placed on Deferred Separation. Deferred Separation is a status that allows a student to remain in school but means that she will probably be suspended or dismissed from the University of California if she is again reported to SJA and found in violation of a university policy.

Math isn’t my strong suit
A professor referred a student to SJA for suspected altering of a Math 17A exam before submitting it for a re-grade. The professor suspected that the exam had been altered before resubmission after noticing suspicious marks and erasures and consulting with the TA who had graded the exam. The markings looked suspicious because they did not match up or make sense with how the TA had originally graded the exam. When the referred student met with a Judicial Officer, he was apologetic and admitted to altering his exam before submitting it for the re-grade. All parties — the professor, the Judicial Officer and the student — came to the agreement that the student would be placed on Disciplinary Probation for one year.

Not that big a deal
A student in an upper division English course was referred to SJA for suspected plagiarism of a proposal for an essay. During her meeting with a Judicial Officer, the student acknowledged that she had not allowed herself sufficient time to complete the assignment so she had resorted to plagiarizing. She also stated that she did not think the proposal was a significant assignment and planned to change the topic of her essay anyway. However, university policy states that plagiarism is prohibited in any work that a student submits for a grade or credit. Therefore, even plagiarizing something that might be considered minor is not allowed. The student received a zero for the proposal assignment and agreed to be placed on Disciplinary Probation as well as to complete 25 hours of community service.


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