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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Editorial: Best of Davis 2013

February will swiftly be upon us, and with it the “Best of Davis” edition of The California Aggie. This issue is a rare opportunity for readers to provide comprehensive input to the campus community and subsequently the private businesses that make up the social nebulus that surrounds the People’s Republic of Davis.

We regret to inform you that last year’s participation was at an all-time low, with a dismal turnout deciding the outcome of the poll.

The truth of the matter is, the best pizza and the best sandwiches were the favorites of a handful of individuals. We want to know your favorite bars, study spots and coffee houses.

While we stand firm to the belief that every vote counts, it is an unfortunate statistical reality that a large population sample is necessary in order to garner accurate results of the people’s opinion.

All businesses, from large corporate chains to family-owned specialties, depend upon word-of-mouth review to bolster their competitive edge and better their chances of survival in these tough economic times. Even in a college town with a bustling social atmosphere, no business is immune to failure and several have come and gone in the past year alone.

If you take interest in the well-being of your favorite dives, let your voice be heard. New discoveries are yet to be found, unsung heroes are yet to be championed. You honestly make a profound positive impact upon the unique and colorful landscape of UC Davis.

Voting will begin this weekend. Check out theaggie.org for more information.


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