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CD Review: The Lone Bellow

Artist: The Lone Bellow
Album: The Lone Bellow
Rating: 4.5/5

Dear readers, to gain my musical favor an album must do more than tickle my fancy (all connotations implied). Sure I may toss it a few complimentary bones, but to truly be a blessed member of Gerber’s musical athenaeum an album must woo me. I’ll have you know I, literally, purchased this album.

Without further gilding the lily I’d like to introduce the new self-titled album from The Lone Bellow. They present beautiful vocals and a clear desire to experiment with their range. Though you will invariably compare them with another breakout star Mumford and Sons, I can’t complain about having more amazing alternative folk invading our airwaves. I’ve even been showing this album to my friends, dare I become so presumptuous to claim familial companionship, and though none have yet responded to whether they’ve heard the new bird’s word, I suspect they will be pleased. Or block my number. Either way such amazing tracks as “You Never Need Nobody,” “The One You Should Have Let Go” and “Button” would have pervaded their lives and for that they should thank me. “Button” has an old bluesy feel I’d like to see them further explore.

So be gone, listen to The Lone Bellow. Feast your tired heart on their musical accompaniment and be merry.

Check out these tracks: “You Never Need Nobody,” “The One You Should Have Let Go,” “Button”
For fans of: Mumford & Sons



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