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City accepting proposals for social service projects

The city of Davis annually receives funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Through Jan. 31, individuals can submit proposals for social service projects they feel would make good use of these funds by submitting an application to the city by 5 p.m.

The funds are aimed to help low-income families and individuals in the community. Organizations that have been funded in the past include Communicare, Davis Community Meals, Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC) and Yolo Community Care Continuum.

City Council, the Social Services Commission, and city staff will decide on which proposals to go through with during the proposal review cycle, which ends in April.

“CDBG funds assist in public service activities, increased accessibility in public facilities and group-care homes, local provision of fair housing services and administration of the program,” said Housing and Human Services superintendent Danielle Foster in an email interview.

An application workshop was held on Thursday to provide potential applicants an opportunity to ask questions about the overall process.

A number of different organizations have benefited from CDBG funding in the past.

“The Community Development Block Grant program has been instrumental in funding our programs for over 20 years,” said Bill Pride, executive director for Davis Community Meals.

CDBG and the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) also help provide money to local agencies that need funding for construction work that increases the availability of public meeting spaces, low-income services or affordable housing.

According to Mike Goodison, an administrative analyst for CDBG and HOME grant programs, one such housing program is South Davis New Harmony. Goodison said the purpose of accepting these project proposals is to try and get the money out to the community as soon as possible.

CDBG funding is estimated to be $500,000 and HOME funding is estimated to be $300,000. All the funds except for 20 percent of the CDBG and 10 percent of the HOME funds are available for the projects.

“With the ongoing financial debates in Congress, the programs face the potential for another funding cut this year, which would impact the amount of applications that can be awarded,” Foster said. “Regardless, the city welcomes the opportunity to support the local activities of Davis nonprofit agencies who do so much good work with the limited resources available.”

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