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Off-campus housing

As Winter Quarter midterms approach, so do the reminders of not having any idea of your living plans for the next school year. You are regretting spinning that wheel at The Buzz, because West Village just sent out its fifth email of the hour and shoved yet another frisbee in your face on the Quad.

If you currently reside in a dormitory (lucky beyotches), chances are, you and your anxious fresh-from-the-nest floor mates are already discussing who to leave out of the apartment located three miles away from campus (“If we put three of us in a room, we’ll only pay $300! So much better than paying $400 to share a room with one person.”)

And if you already regret choosing to live in the middle of nowhere (South Davis), now is your chance to give those tired legs a rest from the 20-minute bike ride you power through on a daily basis. As for the rest of the upperclassmen, time to find that single-room apartment downtown where you can be free of the clingy roommates you’ve had over the years.

For some reason, students are under the impression that housing for 2013-14 needs to be solidified in the upcoming months. So, we’ll address a few things to keep in mind when touring complexes and scouring the internet for random roommates.

1. Sure, the complex may boast two pools, a hot tub, a movie theater and a gym. But can the customer service provide you with adequate help with the amenities? Not in the slightest. (Hint, read DavisWiki comments.)

2. Two miles away, but oh-so-cheap? Have you even factored in how much you’ll hate yourself when you have no friends that want to visit you? What about the amount of laundry and showers you’ll need after sweating through that 20-minute bike ride in the rain? Factor in your utility bills, y’all.

3. Choose your roommate wisely. Trust us, everyone deserves to have privacy. If you didn’t learn that with your psychotic roommate in the dorms, convince your parents of it now. You need it. You want it. An extra $100 a month to be able to leave your clothes on the ground, have intimate moments with your lovers and be able to sleep naked? Think about it.

4. Prime location downtown for a reasonably steep price? Do you realize the amount of money you’re going to spend at the Farmers Market, at the bars and at restaurants?

5. If you feel the need for a companion pet in the near future, first choose the first of the seven cats you plan to purchase. Second, eliminate all housing options that don’t allow pets. Easy as that.

Ultimately, the decision to live next to Target is yours. Ignore our eye-rolling when you request Tipsy Taxi to transport you to your friend’s house for movie night, just because no buses run that late.


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