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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Editorial: Take it

Do you feel comfortable emailing your professor to ask for an extension on an assignment? Would you be okay telling your boss that there is a pain in your knee? How confident are you stating your culture, religion or sexual orientation on campus?

The systemwide Campus Community Survey is available today and invites you to answer questions such as these, with the aim of increasing inclusiveness and the sense of community on campus by identifying members of the UC community who do not feel adequately represented.

The results will determine the distribution of funds designated to make changes based on the survey’s findings.

Everyone should take the survey. Disregarding it would be forgoing your right as a member of the UC Davis campus and UC community. A survey on the UC logo was made available before the UC’s brief identity crisis. Everyone knows where that led.

Each campus is given the opportunity to insert questions that campus officials feel should be asked. What is perhaps a bit unnerving is the lack of questions pertaining to student comfort in the presence of UC Davis campus police. This is a point that should have been included in the survey, provided tumultuous events of the past two years in the UC and at UC Davis specifically. Fortunately, there are spaces where participants can state their concerns on any topic.

Along with the opportunity to air grievances, students can also take the survey in the hopes of winning an item from a long register of prizes, including thousands of dollars, electronics and various types of gift cards.

The survey — sitting in your email inbox right now — will be available for the remainder of February.


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