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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


ASUCD Entrepreneurship Fund (E-Fund) is beginning its Winter Quarter application cycle.

E-Fund allows students with original business ideas to apply to receive up to $1,500, if their idea is selected.

Students with ideas that promote a greater good within society or benefit the Davis community are encouraged to apply for E-Fund’s winter cycle. The deadline is Feb. 11.

“Not only does our program give you a little jump start by providing startup capital, we also help you navigate the finer details and provide you access to resources,” Kate Lin, a fourth-year environmental policy analysis and planning major and chair of E-Fund.

For those who may have a business proposal in mind, but want advice from their peers to hone their idea, E-Fund members are developing the Student Startup Society (SSS), which functions as an open forum for students to learn and discuss entrepreneurship.

According to Lin, SSS is expected to begin next quarter.

“Entrepreneur-minded students, or students who have even the slightest interest in starting their own business, can meet each other, talk about what their interests are and learn a little about how to start a business from guest speakers,” said Lin.

“[SSS] will open up opportunities for internships and networking with real-world professionals,” said Ben Trinh, a third-year sociology and statistics major and E-Fund director of business development.

More information on the SSS launch can be found on the E-Fund Facebook page.

— Sasha Cotterell


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