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Friday, September 24, 2021

Sex Harassment Education with James Bond

A free screening of the film Skyfall will be held tonight by The Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP) as another installment of their Sex and the Cinema Program. It will be shown at 7:30 p.m. in 123 Sciences Lecture Hall.

“It is a very light-hearted event,” said Lisa Brodkey, director of HDAPP, in a phone interview.

The Sex and the Cinema Program was an idea inspired by UC San Diego’s Sex in the Cinema, which is run by a department similar to HDAPP. Both aim to raise awareness of the issues surrounding sexual harassment and discrimination including gender, sexuality, relationships and racism through their film of choosing. These movies are usually not yet available for rent to the general public. Previous picks have included The Help, Black Swan, Precious and Milk. During the event, attendees take part in a short trivia game before the screening and are eligible to win prizes.

“First, we want them to have fun. Second, we want students to learn about our program so that they can find us if they need us,” Brodkey said.

HDAPP, formerly the Sexual Harassment Education Program, is a resource on campus where students, staff and faculty members can go to find support after being sexually harassed. It is also the place where staff can report discrimination. HDAPP works closely with other centers on campus so that even if they are not the right resource for an individual, they can lead them to where they need to go. Beyond this, HDAPP is also available to do trainings for departments, organizations and clubs on campus on these topics.

“We always hope no one needs our services, but that they know where to come if they do,” Brodkey said.

Sexual harassment, as defined by Ivy Griffin, the Education Specialist of HDAPP, is behavior that is unwelcome and sexual in nature. It can take on verbal, physical or visual forms and negatively interferes with an individual’s work or learning environment. Griffin also explained that discrimination is an adverse action based on a protected category. Protected categories include things like medical conditions, disabilities, pregnancy, age and ethnicity.

Moira Delgado, current Outreach Coordinator for Services for International Students and Scholars and former Education Specialist for HDAPP, hopes that it is becoming a more approachable unit and students are more apt to seeking help in sexual harassment cases.

“I hope that they feel more confident recognizing it and addressing it directly instead of just letting it continue … Often students feel unsupported … but it can be very damaging emotionally and sometimes physically if you take the most extreme form,” Delgado said.

HDAPP is currently located in TB-169 near Tercero and across from Giedt Hall. It is advised that you call in advance either through their anonymous call line at (530) 752-2255 or their general call line at (530) 752-9255. You can find more information on their website at hdapp.ucdavis.edu.


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