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Campus Judicial Report

When a teacher’s assistant noticed an unfamiliar name on the sign-in sheet during a math exam, he called the student to the front of the room and confirmed that she was not enrolled in the course. However, her Scantron bore the name of a student who was in the class. The TA referred both students to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for academic misconduct. In his meeting with a Judicial Officer, the enrolled student admitted that he had asked his friend to take the exam for him because she had previously taken the course. He agreed to accept deferred separation status and to do 15 hours of community service for his dishonest behavior.

Altered tests and re-grades
A student in a science class was referred to SJA for submitting several altered quizzes for re-grading. Because the professor photocopied the graded quizzes before returning them to the students, she was able to pinpoint noticeable differences between the original quizzes and the resubmitted quizzes. It was clear that the student had changed several answers on each of the resubmitted quizzes in order to receive more points. When meeting with a Judicial Officer, the student admitted that he altered the quizzes in order to get a higher grade. He received a zero on each of the quizzes he had altered, which led to a significantly lower grade in the course. In terms of disciplinary sanctions, he accepted disciplinary probation and 20 hours of community service.

De-stressing with Beer Pong
A student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs by a resident advisor (RA) for the violation of housing policies. After hearing sounds, the RA knocked on the door of the loud room and consequently found a resident playing beer pong with several other students. Upon meeting with the Judicial Officer, the underage resident admitted that she had violated housing and University policy regarding the possession, use and distribution of alcohol. She received a censure for the violation.


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