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Best Japanese Food

In the Davis Commons, Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is one of eight in this chain of high-end restaurants. It opened in Davis in 2009, and ever since has had a reputation for excellence in the local sushi scene, winning Best of Davis for Japanese restaurants multiple times since it has opened.

Recent UC Davis graduate and self-proclaimed enthusiast for “partaking in the consumption of raw/undercooked sea creatures” Anthony Santistevan particularly enjoys Mikuni. He called it a classy alternative to most dining options in Davis.

“[What sets us apart is our] high standard for the quality of fish and superior focus on customer service,” said general manager Jay DeGuzman.

When making their food, Mikuni stresses the importance of having the freshest ingredients available in order to ensure that their product is the best you can find.

“How [your food] is served to you and your total experience there adds to everything, so we want to make sure that the guests are getting what they pay for when it comes to quality of service,” DeGuzman said.

The open, new-age decor of the restaurant provides an eye-catching and social setting, complete with outdoor patio and a fully stocked bar. Though its price may discourage some students from regular dining, it is the perfect location for a treat or any special event. Also, every business day from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Mikuni offers happy hour specials, with rolls ranging from $3 to 6 and cocktails for $6.

Coming in at second and third in the Best Japanese Food category are Zen Toro and Davis Sushi Buffet, respectively.

— Kyle Scroggins


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