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Best Late-Night Snack

Late-night snacks are a staple of life in Davis. Many of the restaurants and stores, both on campus and off, stay open late specifically to accommodate students’ nightly eating. This year, In-N-Out Burger took the top spot among late night eateries.

It’s no surprise. In-N-Out is all over California and is known for their fresh ingredients, solid prices and of course, their delicious milkshakes. In addition, the convenient location downtown just past the Davis Commons ensures that students can get a meal whenever they like. Who hasn’t stopped there for a Double-Double at least once? From their famous “Animal Style” fries to their delicious (if somewhat greasy) cheeseburgers, In-N-Out’s menu remains well-known among Davis students.

In-N-Out’s hours also helped them cement their place at the top among late-night snack locations. Open until at least 1 a.m. during the week and even later on the weekend, the restaurant continues to be a favorite haunt for after-hours moviegoers and late-night gatherings. On some nights the midnight line can stretch out the door — and that’s not even including the drive-thru, which is often five or six cars deep past 10 p.m.

“Here, we definitely know that we have a late-night rush. It’s something that we embrace. We are very proud of the product we serve,” said Daniel Del Mazzio, assistant manager.

Those who are looking for something different can go to second-place winner Burgers and Brew, located downtown, or third-place winner The Old Teahouse, located next to The Grad in the University Mall.

— Brett Bunge


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