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Best Place to Use Aggie Cash

Cheap prices, enormous entrees and the savor of Mexican flavor have attracted students to vote Dos Coyotes “Best Place to Use Aggie Cash.”

“There is something for everyone and it’s easy to use Aggie Cash,” said Bobby Coyote, the owner of Dos Coyotes.

Serving dishes ranging from seasonal specials to vegetarian options, Dos Coyotes makes every effort to satisfy its customers with plenty of varieties.

“We try really hard to serve food at fantastic prices,” Coyote said.

Popular items include the Yucatan Chicken Salad, the Mahi Mahi Burrito and the assortment of burrito bowls. Dos Coyotes also serves fresh local produce, certified Angus beef and zesty seasonal salsas.

“It’s really high-quality food for a fast, casual restaurant,” Coyote said.

Inspired by the authentic Mexican food from West Los Angeles and Santa Fe, Coyote spent years experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen. While testing new combinations for yummy recipes, he dreamed of building a business that served delicious food at an affordable price.

“We’ve been in Davis for 22 years, way before a lot of other businesses in town,” he said. “We have a great crew. We’re a family.”

Dos Coyotes is located in North Davis at 1411 W. Covell Blvd. at The Marketplace and in South Davis at 2191 Cowell Blvd. at Oakshade Town Center.

Students have also enjoyed spending their Aggie Cash on the palatable wholesome food at Pluto’s located at 500 First St. in the Davis Commons shopping center. Students looking for a casual lunch place can spend their Aggie Cash on the surfin’ sandwiches at Beach Hut Deli, situated at 109 E St.

— Kelley Drechsler


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