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KDVS seeks new venue

KDVS is expanding.

The student-run radio station, which broadcasts throughout Davis, is currently considering using the former Dimple location downtown as a permanent venue for smaller shows. The building has remained dormant ever since Dimple Records departed last year, with the notable exception of housing a Halloween store during the Fall months.

Christine Hong, a fourth-year psychology major and KDVS programming director, explained some reasoning behind the decision.

“We can expect to see more all-ages shows. I think it’s important that every city has an all-age venue,” Hong said.

Now, KDVS wants to use the building to not only establish an off-campus location, but also establish the former record store as a venue for smaller bands.

Renner Burkle, general manager of KDVS and a fourth-year biochemical engineering major, mentioned the goal of the expansion.

“The ultimate goal is to turn into an all-ages venue,” Burkle said. “There are no small to midsized venues in Davis; there’s nowhere for bands to come and play. The mayor has been a huge proponent since day one.”

KDVS has a long and rich history. According to the station’s official website, kdvs.org, the station — operating from the laundry room of Beckett Hall — began life as KCD on Feb. 1, 1964, with the words “Watson! Come here! I need a quarter!”

KCD officially became KDVS on Oct. 18, 1967. Since that time, the radio station has grown and expanded, with major renovations occurring in 1999. KDVS continues to fundraise and receive sponsorships, and even founded its own record label, KDVS Recordings.

Luke Weidner, a second-year economics major and assistant news director, talked about general expectations.

“KDVS is always looking to provide opportunities for groups. At the same time, I would expect the new KDVS recording studio to have a loose structure in terms of scheduling.”

The venue is expected to open very soon.

“We can actually start booking shows there. We’d like to start booking shows within a month or two,” Burkle said.

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