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Most Picturesque Location

The UC Davis Arboretum has captured the eyes of students, earning itself the name of Most Picturesque Location.

With 100 acres of gorgeous gardens and reflecting pools of water, the Arboretum is a venue where many students go to relax, exercise or spend time with friends.

“We’re thrilled that students appreciate coming to the Arboretum,” said Carmia Feldman, assistant director at the Arboretum.

Students, faculty and the broader Davis community enjoy the Arboretum every day, Feldman said. Visitors can explore the variety of gardens, including the Desert Collection, the East Asian Collection, the Mediterranean Collection and the Australian Collection, to name a few. The Arboretum is free and open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

“It’s a peaceful place to come,” Feldman said. “The Arboretum is very convenient for students.”

The Arboretum is located near many widely used buildings on campus, including Mrak Hall, the Mondavi Performing Arts Center and the Tercero dorms, making it an easy place for students and faculty members to visit.

Popular activities at the Arboretum include free public tours, running or walking around the 3.5 mile loop and studying on the lawns. Students can observe the mallard ducks swimming across the water, the squirrels running across the paths and the whinnying of the University horses located nearby at the UC Davis Equestrian Center.

“I would encourage students, faculty and the broader Davis community to come to the Arboretum and enjoy the beauty and the peaceful atmosphere,” Feldman said.

Students can also relish the lush scenery at the Davis Green Belt, which spans over 60 miles throughout Davis and includes an extensive array of bike paths and parks. Students who are looking for a peaceful place farther away from campus can explore the many trails and wildlife at Putah Creek.

— Kelley Drechsler


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