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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Editorial: Shame on thief

Religious donations from a tithe box at Islamic Center of Davis were stolen this past Tuesday in the middle of the night by an unknown male wearing a baseball cap with sunglasses on top.

The fashion-impaired thief entered the center from an open window and drove off in a white four-door sedan.

The Aggie expresses sympathy toward the Islamic Center, which has been a wonderful addition to the Davis community since 1982. We hope that whatever funds were stolen are found and returned to such an integral part of the cultural and religious identities of many students on campus.

All theft is wrong in the eyes of the law, but the idea of stealing from a nonprofit organization whose aim is to provide a welcoming space for people of all faiths is particularly vile.

We view stealing from a group that provides a helpful service to the community at no charge on its own special rung of douchebaggery. We hold it akin to stealing from a Red Cross, a Salvation Army, a synagogue or the Food Pantry on campus.

The fact that the tithes stolen came from the pockets of ordinary people, many of whom are students, in observance of one of the five main pillars of Islam, secures this Ocean’s 1 heist in the annals of Davis douchebag history.

For now, we encourage all students to stay safe, keep an eye out for any shady activity and report any and all crime to the city police as quickly as possible.


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