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New music releases

The months of February and March boast a large amount of album releases. MUSE chose a few interesting selections to review.

Atoms For Peace- Amok
Thom Yorke’s latest project is an expansion on some of the styles put forth in his first solo work of seven years prior (already?!), The Eraser. Bassist Flea is now on board, and the proceedings benefit from the added substance of instrumentation. The best tracks recall some of the more emotionally straightforward sounds and complex production of OMD’s sonically adventurous albums of the early ’80s.
Give these tracks a listen: “Default,” “Ingenue”
For fans of: Radiohead, David Sylvian, Massive Attack
Rating: 4
Out Feb. 25.

clipping- midcity
For those that have been following the abrasive, industrial hip-hop being put out by Death Grips in recent years, it’s good news that similar groups are beginning to rise out of the shadows or get more recognition. That being said, clipping is a different beast, more focused on the tight, clearly discernible lyrics of the MC and a crisper set of glitch-filled backing tracks.
The result is a more accessible entry into hip-hop’s leftfield, a reinvention of the genre’s early experimentation that substitutes laptops for the “two turntables and a microphone.”
Give these tracks a listen: “loud, bout.that (feat. baseck)”
For fans of: Death Grips, Public Enemy, Odd Future
Rating: 4
Out Feb. 5

Youth Lagoon- Wondrous Bughouse
YL’s second album plays like a wistful, emotionally rich Magical Mystery Tour for the early 10’s and includes some of the most powerful and rewarding headphone adventures of any record so far this year. Twenty-three-year-old San Diegan Trevor Powers cited the metaphysical universe as one of his influences for Bughouse, and has succeeded in convincingly updating psychedelia without using the standard ’60s era recording tricks. Standout track “Rasberry Cane” is easily bookmarked as one of the year’s best.
Give these tracks a listen: “Pelican Man,” “Rasberry Cane”
For fans of: Wild Nothing, Arcade Fire, M83
Rating: 5
Out March 5.

Kavinsky- Outrun
It’s taken more than six years for French electro artist Kavinsky to put out his first LP, and it seems he had good reason. While the iconically ’80s sound that he specializes in does not seem as in vogue as it did then, the artist’s profile has since received a large boost. Following the publicity brought on by having his song “Nightcall” featured as the credit opener of Drive, Kavinsky has made a loose concept album about a dead man who returns to life infused with the spirit of his wrecked ‘86 Testarossa. Altogether, it is a more than competent dose of pure retro euphoria.
Give these tracks a listen: “Blizzard,” “Nightcall”
For fans of: Justice, Daft Punk, SebAstian
Rating: 3
Out Feb. 25

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