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Friday, May 24, 2024

Editorial: Support fabric of university

With budget slashes across the board at the University of California, several majors have halted accepting undergraduates over the past few years.

Recently, the Undergraduate Council at UC Davis rejected a motion to suspend admission into the textiles and clothing major, a branch under the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. This program is one-of-a-kind within the UC system, and we support their decision and would like to see the retention of other unique programs at our school.

UC Davis offers more than 100 majors, a stat that not many colleges and universities can boast. Yet, what is special about our school is not just the sheer number of programs offered, but the diversity of said programs.

Majors like these are the ones that add breadth and opportunities to the education system at UC Davis and set it apart from any old college. If UC Davis is going to push diversity and claim that it provides a variety of educational opportunities, it should keep majors like textiles and clothing.

Included under the textiles and clothing program is also fiber and polymer science, which teaches about fiber chemistry, textile engineering and includes consumer psychology and other interdisciplinary and cultural issues.

This unique program, that is quartered in Everson Hall, offers opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to finish a bachelors, masters or Ph.D.

The UC Davis administration should continue to foster the programs that make Davis unique.


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