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Campus Judicial Report

Take one for the team
Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) referred a student to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for using a stolen parking permit. In a meeting with a Judicial Officer, the student claimed that his friend gave him the parking permit and that he was unaware it was stolen. However, he would not disclose the name of the friend who gave it to him and therefore agreed to take responsibility for the use of the parking permit himself. The student agreed to accept a disciplinary probation as a result of his misconduct. In addition, he received a TAPS fine of $223.

Come what may
After a professor noticed two exams with similar incorrect answers to a short answer problem, she met with the students who had the highly similar responses. In separate meetings one student denied cheating and the other student admitted she had copied her answer from the other student. The professor then referred the student who admitted to cheating to SJA to help decide on an appropriate sanction. In a meeting with a Judicial Officer, the student agreed to receive deferred separation and perform 10 hours of community service.

Was that today?
A professor referred a student to SJA for suspected dishonesty when requesting an exam re-grade. When the professor met with the student, the student claimed that his scantron had been graded incorrectly and he deserved more points. The professor asked the student to bring his scantron so that he could take a look at it but the student kept saying he had forgotten the scantron at home or he had already made plans with his friends. This caused the instructor to suspect that the student was trying to buy extra time in order to borrow a classmate’s scantron, and when the student finally turned in the scantron for a re-grade, the professor noticed strange discrepancies on it. Suspecting dishonest conduct, the professor referred the student to SJA. In his meeting with a Judicial Officer, the student admitted that he had altered a friend’s scantron so it would appear to be his in order to receive a higher grade. The student agreed to accept deferred separation and to complete 30 hours of community service for his dishonesty.


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