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Letter to the Editor: Bigger than basketball

LET’S. GO. AGS. On Thursday, the UC Davis Pavilion shook with the intensity of Aggies who were attempting to prove much more than just how far our men’s basketball team has come in the last year. Sometimes, UC Davis isn’t given enough credit. Occasionally, Aggie Pride is underestimated. But on Thursday night, Aggie Basketball put these notions of not-good-enough-to-be-on-ESPN to shame. Not only was the night a history-making event for UC Davis Athletics, but it also gave our fantastic school the chance to really prove itself in front of a national stage.

While we all know that UC Davis has everything (and more) to offer that the big-name schools have, sometimes this fact goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, when faced with the opportunity to go big against Long Beach State, the Aggies did what we do best. We showed up, we showed pride and we showed the nation just how great Davis truly is.

And the night that the Aggies almost beat the 49ers represented so much more than just a one-point game. The fact that UC Davis, a relatively under-appreciated D1 school could not only put up an incredible fight against the number-one team in the Big West, but do it with such an incredible fan section behind it, demonstrated a few really important facts about our school.

First, the game proved that UC Davis is on the brink. After facing the growing pains of advancing to D1 athletics a few years ago, Thursday night showed that Davis has finally arrived. It’s our time now. We all know what our school and our students have to offer. Aggies are talented, committed, passionate and brilliant. And we proved this to Thursday’s national audience by bringing it on and off the court.

Second, Aggie Pack is a force to be reckoned with. Everybody knows about Duke’s Cameron Crazies, Indiana’s Hoosiers and the Orange Men of Syracuse. And, because of the epic battle on March 7, everyone finally knows about the Aggies of UC Davis, too. Standing in the audience at the Long Beach game was an Aggie-Pride-inducing, YOLO (county)-increasing, and completely school spirit-infused experience. It was the first chance the Ags were given to prove how great our fan section is on a national level. And, boy, did we prove it. All I can say to the Crazies, Hoosiers and Orange Men is watch out. Aggie Pack be comin’ for ya.

Finally, the showdown in the Pavilion showcased that UC Davis is the total package. Sure, we have lots of cows and even more bikes. And, yeah, we might be a bit in the middle of nowhere. But we’re also the No. 8 public school in the nation and the No. 1 coolest school. And, on top off all that, Ags know how to have a good time. It is no question that Davis truly has it all. We all know that we love being Ags, and Thursday night earned this fact some much-deserved national recognition.

All I can say is that, against the 49ers, the Pavilion was filled as it has never been before, students were supporting Aggie athletics like no other time in history and our school was finally showcased on a national level. Never have I been as committed to UC Davis or have I felt more proud to be an Ag. You know you felt it, too.

So, fellow Aggies, here’s my challenge to you. Keep it up. Be the Ags you showed the nation on Thursday. We know we’ve got something special here in Davis, and if we keep acting like we did on that historic night, soon the rest of the nation will realize how great Davis is, too.

Mary Young
Third–year history major


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