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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Editorial: In with the news

As of next quarter, The Aggie will discontinue its four-day-a-week printing schedule and begin publishing weekly on Thursdays. If you didn’t know this already, that probably means you don’t read The Aggie enough.

Our goal is to have news readily available in your hands without the inky residue — a shift from having less print to having a greater online presence. Additionally, this transition will hopefully maintain viability and visibility.

So, what can be expected from these changes?

The Aggie’s website will be redesigned to feature a minimalist, streamlined look, with multimedia capabilities. There will be more online polls and the new website will be updated regularly with breaking stories — no more “I knew what happened before The Aggie published it.”

We will continue to tweet news in 140 characters or less, share news links through our Facebook page and upload photos on our Tumblr for those social media junkies out there.

But we’re not trying to phase out the print version of The Aggie. Due to the decreased number of printing days, the paper will be fatter and loaded in quantity and quality. That means longer, in-depth articles, and more photos and more graphics to highlight a newly improved layout.

Since next quarter will be a pilot run, we’d like to recruit you, the reader, to help us out by giving us feedback on the changes. We plan to hold weekly public meetings for our readers to come to us with any story ideas and improvements that can be made, giving readers the chance to be a part of The Aggie.

The last paper for this quarter will come out Monday. We encourage you to pick it up and maybe make huge paper cranes after you’re finished with it.


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