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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Honorable Mention: J.T. Adenrele

It would be impossible to mention sophomore J.T. Adenrele and not touch on his work ethic. During the offseason, Adenrele hit the gym every single day and stuck to a grueling training regimen that gave him the size and strength necessary to become a true center for UC Davis.

He also spent hours at the free-throw line, honing his “shooter’s touch” that allowed him to score 81 points from the line this year. Adenrele was one of two Aggies to start every game this season, and he put his minutes to good use.

The center scored 382 points, pulled in 180 rebounds, totaled 20 steals and 46 blocks while still earning a remarkable .664 average from the free throw line. J.T. is a fundamental component in the Aggies’ roster and he will certainly be a player to watch over the coming years.

— Kim Carr


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