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Davis, California

Thursday, May 30, 2024

KDVS in semi-finals for national college radio competition

Our favorite UC Davis student-run, freeform, community radio station is in a March Madness-esque throw down. Right. Now.

“This isn’t a competition based on the merit of our programming or even the amount of people who consistently listen,” said KDVS General Manager Renner Burkle over Facebook chat (… this is a blog, sorry). “It’s about proving that we have more community support than any other station out there.”

Soundtap, an online source of independent radio, launched a contest for bragging rights on April 1, measuring how many hours listeners streamed each station. KDVS soared through the first four rounds and has accumulated over 889 hours in listening time. Right now (and I mean right now), the station is battling Rice University’s KTRU. Right now (and I mean right now), you could be listening to Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour.

There are about six hours until the Fab Four round ends. Stream here.


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