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Column: Amanda, please

Our favorite childhood comedian is officially back in our lives, returning to entertaining us and keeping our attention. This time, it’s not with her. It’s because of her.

Amanda Bynes, former child actress in “The Amanda Show” and star of popular films such as She’s the Man, Hairspray and Easy A, is up to some suspicious behaviors as of late.

Perhaps the most-buzzed-about action was her tweet to Drake on March 21, in which she mentioned wanting the rapper/actor to essentially destroy her genitals. Not even vulgar comedians like Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin or Chelsea Handler make comments like that.

Her Twitter is fascinating, boasting random thoughts, bursts of selfies and a whole lot of surprisingly immature comments. Her new look, something she posts a lot about, is something to be discussed.

This ex-teen queen was never really critiqued on her looks, to the best of my knowledge. But she demands concern when she dons wigs and weaves that fall off in public, pierces both of her cheeks, paints her lips blue and looks generally intoxicated or under the influence in her self-posted photos.

When did this happen? Has Hollywood influenced the downfall of already successful stars when they aren’t being talked about on a daily basis? I’ve learned in classes that celebrities are often classified as narcissists, needing and longing for attention, as they often have very low self-esteem.

And with this new generation of celebrities seemingly forgoing public relations agents and embarrassing themselves on the Web, it’s now easier than ever to learn about the real thoughts inside of those beautifully made-up heads.

Celebrities go off their rockers every once in a while, scarring their public appearances with controversial quotes and questionable photos. But this time, behaviors cross the line from desperate and attention-seeking to bizarre and erratic.

Not only has Bynes decided to turn into Nicki Minaj 2.0, looks-wise, but she allegedly exhibits mentally insane behavior. Witnesses report that she steals things from beauty salons after blowing up at stylists, mutters to herself at adult gymnastic classes while in fishnets and a wig and smokes an excessive amount of weed.

Bynes has the potential to become some sort of comedic powerhouse, if guided properly and watched over. Someone needs to direct attention this downward spiral of tragic behaviors instead of dissecting the worlds of healthy (just annoying and desperate) celebrities.

More and more it seems like mental illness is appearing in the news, hopefully correctly informing audiences, but also increasing care for those suffering. Even if Bynes isn’t suffering from a mental disorder, I truly hope someone takes the wheel from her. We need more of her raw skill and less of basically 75 percent of Hollywood’s “talent.”

Amanda, please! ELIZABETH ORPINA can be reached at arts@theaggie.org.


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