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UC Davis Police, Yolo County DA to form Neighborhood Court

The UC Davis Police Department and the Yolo County District Attorney have partnered up to form a new restorative justice program that would provide an alternative court — known as the Neighborhood Court — for low level, nonviolent offenses. The court mirrors San Francisco’s own neighborhood court, the only other in California.

According to the Neighborhood Court pamphlet, the program will “swiftly redress the harm caused by these offenses outside of the traditional criminal justice system” and “address criminal violations that impact the quality of life at UC Davis.”

Currently, the Yolo County District Attorney is looking for volunteers for the Neighborhood Court panel. The panel will be made up of members of the Davis and UC Davis communities. According to a Yolo County District Attorney press release, the City of Davis panel members will include residents, business owners, parents, retired people and students. The UC Davis panel will consist of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

To be qualified, an individual must be able to commit to the program for two years, have an interest in restorative justice and solving problems with others, as well as have no felony convictions or recent misdemeanor convictions.

For more information, contact the District Attorney at neighborhoodcourt@yolocounty.org or at 681-6323.

— Claire Tan


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