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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

KDVS Fundraiser Week

Monday marks the first day of KDVS Fundraiser Week. The goal of $60,000, if reached, would help the campus radio station run smoothly for another year.

Although donations are welcome all throughout the year, the money raised this week helps fund two-thirds of KDVS’ operating budget. The fundraiser accepts cash, card and check donations, and each is tax-deductible.

Any and all amounts of donations make a difference, and depending on the amount of each contribution, the station gives back with a variety of premiums. These thank-you gifts include but are not limited to: button/sticker packs, shirts, DJ compilation CDs, vinyls, gift certificates, the opportunity to host your own show and mobile DJ units for your event’s entertainment.

Fundraiser Week includes events that began on Picnic Day and continue throughout the next weekend. Check out the Facebook page for updates on KDVS Fundraiser Week events.

Visit fundraiser.kdvs.org to pledge, or call local number (530) 754-5387 or toll free at (877) 399-5387.

— Elizabeth Orpina


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