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Campus Judicial Report

The smell of defeat
A student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) by a Resident Advisor (RA) for possession of an illegal substance in the dorms. The RA was doing a routine check of his floor when he smelled marijuana at the end of the hallway. The RA conferred with another RA in the building and they decided to call a police officer. The officer arrived in the building and the RA directed the officer to the room. The officer knocked on the door but the resident would not open the door. After a few minutes, the resident decided to open her door and two students were identified. One student took full responsibility for possession and use of the substance and was referred to SJA. When the student met with the SJA officer, she accepted a formal warning and Disciplinary Probation until Winter Quarter 2014. If the student is referred to SJA again, she will most likely be suspended.

Double trouble
Two professors referred the same student to SJA for suspected plagiarism in separate anthropology courses. The student submitted three papers containing plagiarism between the two courses. When the student met with an SJA officer, the officer compared the student’s work with online sources that were very similar. The student admitted that she had copied most of the material from online sources, and stated that she was careless in tracking the sources she used for the papers. The student took responsibility for her actions and accepted Deferred Separation status and 20 hours of community service. Deferred Separation means that the student has waived her right to a formal hearing if she is referred in the future for any kind of academic misconduct. The student was also directed to resources that will help her avoid plagiarism in the future.

Trust no one
Two students were referred to SJA for taking an exam in the wrong sections for their Biology 2B class. The students were referred to SJA by a Teacher’s Assistant (TA), who confronted the students at the end of the exam. The TA told the students that they are only allowed to take the exam in their appropriate sections. In his meeting with a Judicial Officer, one of the students stated that he did not realize that this was a rule because he had not attended the first day of class when this announcement was made, so he just went along with his friend’s suggestion that they both take the exam in a particular section. Both students accepted Disciplinary Probation until graduation and 10 hours of community service. The students also received zeroes for the exam.


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