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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

City introduces Water Assistance Program

With new water rates implemented on May 1, the City of Davis introduced a Water Assistance Program that will help low-income homeowners offset water costs.

The first 250 eligible homeowners will receive a $5 discount to their water bill every month. Eligible homeowners must meet the income qualification requirements and present proof that they are enrolled in the PG&E CARE (California Alternate Rates for Energy) Program, which provides discounts to energy bills for income-qualified households. According to a city press release, currently, the income levels are $30,000 for a household of two and $46,000 for a household of four.

To apply for the Water Assistance Program, households must submit an application to the city. Eligibility will be re-certified every year.

According to the press release, the city estimates that the monthly bill for a typical single family home will be about $30.86. Beginning May 1, 40 percent of a water bill will be determined by a monthly base rate determined by water meter size and the rest will vary based on consumption rates.

However, by 2015, water bills will be changed to a consumption-based fixed rate, with a typical single family home to be charged about $52.31 a month.

More information and applications for the program can be found at water.cityofdavis.org.

— Claire Tan



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