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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Two city council members to run for State Assembly

Mayor Joe Krovoza and Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk announced on May 10 that they will both be running for State Assembly in June 2014, as current Assemblymember Mariko Yamada will term out next year.

Yamada, D-Davis, represents the Fourth District, which includes Colusa, Napa, Lake, Yolo and parts of Solano and Sonoma Counties. Lake County supervisor Anthony Farrington and Napa County planning commissioner Matt Pope will also be competing for Yamada’s seat.

Councilmember Rochelle Swanson also announced that she plans to run for one of the two seats on city council that will become vacant.

According to The Davis Enterprise, if Krovoza wins the State Assembly candidacy, Wolk would remain on city council and two slots would be open for the June 2014 city council election. However, if Wolk were to win, two city council seats would still be open in addition to Wolk’s seat, as Krovoza will not be participating in next year’s council election.

— Claire Tan


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