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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Students close Dutton Hall in support of Nakba Day

Dutton Hall is currently being occupied in a 24-hour sit-in, which began yesterday, to commemorate Nakba Day.

The annual remembrance day commemorates the displacement of Palestinians, that came about following the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

About 20 students are present, discussing the Nakba. Walls of the building’s lobby are plastered with small colored signs highlighting phrases in support of Palestine. Another sign outside reads “Building is closed. One day occupation.” Chairs are also blockading the exterior doors of the building.

Students also expressed their disapproval in ASUCD’s recent vote failing Senate Resolution 30, which urged for a divestment from companies that profit from the Palestinian occupation.

— Muna Sadek


EDITOR’S  NOTE: Updated for accuracy 05/17/13


  1. “The annual remembrance day commemorates the displacement of Palestinians, that came about following the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.” The displacement of the Palestinians also came about following the two wars (one was just a civil war, the next involved the actual armies of various Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Jordan) that were started by Arabs following the creation of Israel. The displacement of Palestinians are a result of the wars, not the “act of Israel’s declaration of Independence”. It’s pretty ridiculous that instead of looking to the future, I have to defend the country of my family regarding events that happened more than 60 years ago. Also, if your resolution lost in the senate, is occupying a building appropriate behavior? That is how democracy works. You submitted a resolution, it was heard in commission. It passed in one and lost in the other three. What are you protesting exactly? Lastly, my family is Libyan and comes from Tripoli. My ancestors were expelled from Libya and now live in Israel. There were many Jewish people (as many or more than the Palestinian refugees) that actually were expelled by law or violence from their countries simply following the creation of Israel. Should I occupy Dutton Hall to protest Gaddafi expelling my grandparents?

    “Davis+Gaza are one fist” What does that even mean? Such violent rhetoric. If you condone violence, don’t be upset when the group you condone violence against reacts with violence.

    • I also should say that this is not a black and white affair that many make this out to be, both Jew and Arab. We are afforded the luxury of balance as students in a university in peaceful California. We can chose to be positive and look forward and do what we can to be inclusive of each other so that Palestine can exist in peace with Israel and Israel can exist in peace with Palestine (of course, there are many more actors in this than simply Israel and Palestine) or we can be negative and exclude and by doing so bring the ethnic conflict here where it doesn’t belong.


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